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Gabrielle Dixon, Certified Life Coach 

I have had many successful careers; Debt collection, EKG technician, Phlebotomy technician, Sales and Recruiting. I have worked in the Operating room, Same day surgery unit, and for one of the largest recruiting firms. I have received letters of recognition and awards. After years of education and certifications in the medical field, I realized that nothing was making me happy. Realizing that I was happiest when i was interacting with others, I began to research Health and Life coaching. I even attended sessions to be sure this was what I wanted to do.


I have had to overcome so much in my life. Learning to overcome my own faults, fears, and anxiety. Learning to apologize to others and make amends for my actions. This enabled me to be the best version of my self and allowed me to realize my own goals in life.


I decided that if I could help just one person to achieve their goals, dreams or help guide them towards being the best version of them selves then I will have accomplished my own final goal in life.

I look forward to working with you and wish you a blessed and happy day!


Danielle Ems, Certified Life coach 

Like my sister Gabrielle, I have also held many successful careers in my lifetime. From working in the hospital as a Patient Transport, Supply Technician or Phlebotomy and EKG Technician to a Massage and Body work Therapist. Working in a field to help others in health and Wellness has always been enjoyable to me.


Writing has always been a dream of mine also.  My first book "Dreams don't Fade.." lead me into the world of Poetry and writing becoming Poet of the Year in 2003. 


Gabrielle and I have always shared this love of working with others in many ways and I am so very excited to be joining her on this new journey. I am looking forward to helping all of you to reach your dreams and goals, over come your fears, or any struggles you may have and make them triumphs that you can share with others as well.


Stay safe, happy and healthy.  




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