Daily affirmations are a way to turn your negativity into positivity. An affirmation is a positive statement about the things you want in life. This statement can be about our dreams, goals, or abilities. You can use daily affirmations to help you change bad habits. If you constantly say "I can't", then you won't. "I Can't do that" should be turned into, "I will learn how to do that". When we are constantly negative we begin to believe the negative. Affirmations are important because they allow us to develop a confident, positive outlook.

Take a few moments, in a quiet area, and think about what bad habits you need to break, what goals would you like to achieve and how negative are you. Create your affirmations then speak them out loud daily. Write them down and keep them where you can see them. Consider setting a reminder "An Affirmation Reminder". Take this one step farther and try to remember to speak positively throughout the day. " I can get this promotion" or "I will do well on this test" .

You can start by using the following:

"I will" - I will focuses on what you will do - "I will work out today" - "I will study harder"

"I can" - I can focuses on what you can achieve. "I can publish my book" - "I can get this job"

"I am" - I am focuses on reaffirming what you believe - "I am enough" - "I am smart enough"

Try aligning your affirmations with your priorities; this will help you focus more on the things that matter. Throughout this process try to remember that when you are positive, positive things happen. "Where there is a will there is a way".



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