Appreciating what you have.

Today's blog is short and simple. Live your lives with purpose and meaning. Enjoying the simple things in life is much more rewarding then longing for materialistic belongings that we may never even attain. Take a minute to stop and focus on what's right in front of you. For one minute sit and think about all of the things that you do have. It is great to have goals and dreams, but remember not to neglect or forget what you already have. You may feel sometimes that you don't have anything; however if you are not sleeping in a box on the corner be thankful for the roof over your head. If you aren't dumpster diving be thankful for the food on your table. If you're not naked be thankful for the clothes on your back. Enjoy the small t.v, at least you have one. You and your friends and family can gather to enjoy movie night.

Try not to be envious of what others have. There are so many who have nothing. We tend to take for granted our everyday luxuries and we forget that is exactly what they are, luxuries. We do not need a microwave but it is nice to have one. We do not need to have the newest version iPhone or samsung, but it's nice to have. Spending quality time with our family and friends, that should be the necessity that we long for. Watching our babies and grandbabies grow up. Spending time with our parents and siblings. That should be the dream. Yes, we want that promotion at work but neglecting our home lives and missing out on those monumental moments should not be the price that we pay. For those who do not have a family, you are still important. Spending time with friends and being there for game night. You should enjoy the life you have. Be sure to have a good work to home life balance.

When you think about your goals and dreams, try to align them with your values and plan for a life filled with love, joy and happiness. Our children won't remember that they had the best name brand clothes when they were in 2nd grade, but they will remember that you made it to their football games or to their school concert. Ask yourself what is most important to you and plan a life to match that vision. Work towards a goal that you can be proud of. Don't plan your life to impress others, unless others are a role model your children can look up to and be proud of. Be someone you are proud to see in the mirror. Focus more on improving your soul instead of improving your status.

We can not take back time and change our past but we can decide on how we want our future to be. Focus on what you have right now and cherish that. Close your eyes and listen to your heart. This life should not be about money and material objects; it should be about laughs and smiles. Appreciate all that you have, because you could have so much less. We are not guaranteed to wake up tomorrow and if you spend your time wallowing and complaining about what you do not have; you will miss out on all the moments that could become amazing memories.

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything; they make the best out of everything they have".



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