Be The Positive

In today's society we thrive on drama. Water cooler convo's and videos on Facebook. Week 14 of "Making Amends - A 52 Week Challenge" asks you to be a part of the solution. When you hear gossip or rumors; try to steer the conversation and stop the cycle. If someone is speaking in a bad way; interrupt them and steer the conversation in a positive direction. Tell others something good about that person. If you cannot think of something good or positive, walk away.

The goal of 'being the positive' is to not add to the negative. If you can not steer a conversation in a positive, uplifting direction, walk away. With all of the drama in today's world we all need to try and be the reason that someone smiles. We need to band together to help uplift each-other. We all have enough to deal with and we do not need to bully one another. When you stop taking part or feeding into the drama, we change our environment.

Be kind and try to encourage others to be kind as well. Respect one another and remember that this is the land of the free. We are free to choose our religion, free to believe in what we choose and we have freedom of speech. However, we need to be aware that we have become a society that is not respectful to others freedoms. Stop judging one another. Be kind and allow others to have their own opinion and stop trying to push your opinions others. Support one another, share facts and discuss things in a polite and friendly manner. Do not disrespect others because they disagree with you.

When we lift others up with our words we promote encouragement. Others will feel the positivity that you are spreading and follow suit. Be mindful not to harm, degrade or bully others. Do not take part in listening to someone degrade or spread rumors. We may not like certain people or even agree with others reasoning or rational; but we don't have to. Each and every person on God's green earth has their right to their own opinion. We do not have to agree but we should respect each other.

Love one another. Change the conversation and highlight the good in others. Encourage friendship and learn about others. Love the land we live in and if you cannot truly understand how free we truly are; take five minutes to learn about other countries. For instance in some places you cannot even cut your lawn during certain hours. In certain countries you have to get your neighbors permission to have a BBQ. Look at other countries and cultures and wake up! Realize that you have freedom and respect others freedom.



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