Breathing & Grounding for Stress Relief

Panic attacks and anxiety can be very scary. When I first started having panic attacks I thought I was dying; it felt like a heart attack. My life coach taught me how to ground myself and breathe through them. Today I would like to share a little information to try and help others. This is not a substitute for seeking counseling or medical attention.

First, let's talk about grounding. Grounding is when you use mental exercises to distract your mind from focusing on what is causing your stress or anxiety. My go to is counting in odds. For some strange reason I enjoy math and numbers. The mind has to focus in order to count out of order. Another grounding activity is to pick a focal point in the room and concentrate on one object while trying to recite the lyrics to one of your favorite songs. Visualization is another option. Picture yourself doing something you truly enjoy. With your eyes closed, watch yourself as if you were seeing yourself in a movie. The idea is think about the little things; really visualize what you see, hear and touch. What can you smell? Really pay attention to detail. There are many different options & techniques. The idea is to redirect the brains focus away from what is causing you anxiety.

Stress, panic and anxiety can cause fast, shallow breathing. Proper breathing techniques allow you to focus on your breathing rather than your panic attack. I am not a doctor, I am a Certified Master Life Coach. So I am going to explain this the best way I know how. You can always research or discuss with a professional. I have done this in the car as well as the grocery store. I like to lay flat if it's an option at the time. Start by letting out a nice, big breathe. Breathe in nice and slowly through your nose. I like to focus on feeling my belly fill with air. Be sure you keep your shoulders relaxed. A lot of us will move our shoulders when we breathe in. Next, release the air nice and slowly through your lips; almost like you where going to try and whistle. Concentrate on your breathing and repeat as necessary until you feel calm.

Lastly, I love music. When I am having a rough day I use music to change my mood and it always works. I will listen to a song that I know is my favorite and I will belt the words out in my tone deaf voice and dance around the room. This is a great technique when stress and anxiety start to overwhelm you.

I realize that these techniques won't help everyone; there are several techniques and with a little research you can discover what will help. Have a blessed rest of your week everyone.



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