Building confidence

Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. How do we become more confident?

You need to begin by acknowledging your emotions, even the difficult ones. If you let yourself get upset when you make a mistake you will constantly question what you are saying and doing, for fear of making another mistake. Remember that we learn from our mistakes. No one is perfect.

Stop questioning yourself. If you want to build confidence at work, you need to put in the work. Take the time to study what you do. If your in sales, product knowledge is key. Take the time to really learn the computer system and ask questions and talk to those who are doing well. Knowledge is power and the more you know the more confident you will be. This can be translated in to any career field. If you want to be a better at your job then take the time to put in the hard work.

Think back on a time when you felt truly confident. Maybe you were with your friends, or you were helping some one with a project. What are you doing when you feel confident? How does it feel to be confident? Did you feel strong and happy? Where did the feeling begin? Did you first feel it resonate in your mind, stomach or in your hands?

The next time you start to question yourself, doubt yourself, or start feeling nervous, remember that feeling. You have got this! Whatever it is, you can handle this. Remember how it felt to feel confident. If you stumble its OK, keep going. As long as you give it 100% you do not need to worry.

Building confidence is in your head. If you practice and develop your skills you will build your confidence. Try watching others and then practice it yourself. Remember to talk to others and really listen to their advice. Focus on being comfortable with yourself, let go of others criticism. Do not be so judgmental of yourself, love yourself. You are doing the best you can and that is what others will see. If you are confident, others will see this. Stop doubting and double guessing yourself.

Be true and honest with your self; that will shine through in all you do. If you are pure in your actions you can stand strong in front of others. Confidence will follow.

Give 100% at all times and in all you do. If you are putting on a show and you miss a step, keep going. If you are singing a song and miss a note, keep going. If you are presenting at a conference no one knows but you what that speech was suppose to say, keep going. Stay the course, its your journey and only you know the path your on.

Have a blessed day today! Remember, you are amazing, beautiful, kind and God loves you !



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