Challenge Yourself Today ?

As we get older we tend to stop encouraging others in their pursuit to learn something new. Instead we criticize or point out their mistakes. When you are speaking to someone who is trying to accomplish a goal or learn a new skill, remember that Thomas Edison said "I have not failed a 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to not make a light bulb".

When we encourage rather than discourage, we give others the motivation to keep moving forward. Thinking before we speak is a skill everyone could benefit from. If we take into consideration how we would want to be spoken to; this is where empathy can come into play; putting ourselves into someone else's shoes.

It is OK to offer constructive criticism; it is not OK to degrade or belittle someone. Take into account how you would want someone to convey the information to you. Thinking before you speak is important because it shows that you are supporting the person in their journey to reach their desired result/goal.

I challenge you to think of 5 occasions in your life, when you made a mistake and learned from that mistake. Think of how you would have liked to be encouraged. How could those around you have helped? What could have been said to motivate you to keep moving forward? What did you learn?

Remember positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Keep a positive attitude and encourage others the way that you want to be encouraged. It's like the saying "do unto others as you want done unto you".

I challenge you to be more empathetic in your daily interactions and to help motivate those around you. As always, it is your journey. Start that journey today! Thank you for following the blog. For more information or guidance schedule a free session today!

Have a blessed day!



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