Happy Monday and Welcome to week 5. You may be wondering why it is important to forgive. "Why should I, they didn't say they were sorry!" The person may Never say sorry or apologize. The person may never feel fault or remorse in any way.

To move on and begin to recover and feel alive again you have to basically convince yourself that you can forgive them, forgive yourself also, because I know your mind is racing with thoughts of regret, sorrow, possibly feelings of loss and telling yourself that you wasted time that you could have been living differently. You may fall into a different category, but I'm sure you are connecting yourself in some way.

We all must find it in our hearts to forgive others and ourselves for allowing these things to come into our lives and happen. Even if the other person or persons acknowledged the outcome, incident, or pain that they have caused you. Give yourself that second chance. Forgive yourself and find the open door to happiness. You've heard the saying " when one door closes another door opens." Things happen for a reason. You must find your reason to keep moving forward. It's your Journey and your choice to decide what you want to make of it. Make the choice today to take advantage of the Free Discovery Session Today!



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