Forgiving yourself

How do we forgive ourselves? Where do we even begin? Understanding what forgiveness is, that is the first step.

So what is forgiveness? The definition of forgiveness is the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. To me forgiveness is the act of acknowledging what happened and allowing yourself to let go and move forward. When I think about forgiveness, I think about releasing the regret or guilt that I feel. I imagine myself letting it go like a butterfly. I picture watching it fly away. I say to myself out loud " this is for me". The act of forgiving myself is an action that I take so I can heal. Forgiving myself for past mistakes or indiscretions is a way of allowing myself to begin the process of letting go of all of the guilt and moving forward.

I suggest beginning by acknowledging out loud what you are forgiving yourself for. Stop holding on to the feeling of regret. Make a conscious effort to stop holding on to guilt. If you can take action to right the wrong, do it. You deserve to live in the present. You deserve to have closure and stop beating yourself up. No one is perfect; we have all made mistakes, choices we regret. Remember that we can not take back the actions from the past but we can learn from them.

Knowledge is key! Learning from our mistakes is one of the most important lessons we will ever teach ourselves. Take a few minutes to educate yourself. A good way to learn from your actions is to make a list of all of the things that you can learn from your mistake. Recognize that you can change the behavior that led you to this point. For example: Did you act out of impatience or anger? Did you yell or throw things? Were you rude or snarky? Maybe you will learn to be more patient, more kind, more emphatic and most of all how to be forgiving.

I hope that you are learning to heal and grow. Please feel free to submit and questions or topics that you would like to discuss. Have a blessed day today !



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