Living The Quote

When we are positive; I believe that positive things happen. Week 13 of the "Making Amends" Challenge is about trying to live the positive quotes you read and use in your challenge this week.

Option one invites you to post a positive quote on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror each day this week. Share this quote with a new person each day this week. Challenge your self to live this quote.

If you choose - "A little progress each day adds up to big results" as your quote, what could you do to live this quote? You could pick a project you have been procrastinating with and take one small step each day this week to work towards finishing it. You could pick a goal such as reading a book and each night sit for 30 minutes before bed and read your book. We do not always have to set our bars so high that they are out of reach. Even little goals are important. Try to spread positivity this week through the wise wisdom of your favorite author or mentor.

There are many ways that we can spread positivity in today's reality. Write a nice note or quote on a post it note, leave for someone to find. A simple act of kindness can change a persons outlook. A simple note that, with a simple saying can brighten the day for someone who may be struggling to find purpose or a shimmer of hope. Little gestures can have huge impact.

Be kind this week and share a little positivity. I know that I have said this before, but kindness and positivity are infectious.



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