Perceptional Postions

How we see things and in what position we see them from is what makes a difference. For instance, if you were to close your eyes and remember an event from the past, you may remember it differently then it actual occurred. We remember things from our perspective.

You may be calmer and more clear minded now. Close your eyes for a moment and try to think of an event that may be holding you back from reaching your goals. Think about what you could have done differently. What would you change to have a different outcome? Where you really right? What if you could change how you reacted?

When we can admit that we may have overreacted, that we were being stubborn, or that we simply held on to something or someone that wasn't healthy for us we can let go or clear that road block and move on to more positive things. Allow yourself to be truthful and see things from a different perspective. Be open minded and have a clearer path to success.

Taking this one step farther, give yourself the opportunity to see things from someone else's point of view. If you constantly hear that you are a negative person or that you are hard headed, try to stop yourself and visualize what others may see in you. Others will not always be right and you won't always be wrong, but take the time to hear others out. It is never too late to admit that you may be wrong and ask for clarity. We don't learn or make progress if we are closed minded and arrogant. There may be truth to what others are trying to explain. If you try to look at these situations as learning opportunities, you will be able to let your guard down and not take things personally. Try to remember that constructive criticism is not meant to break you down but rather to build you up.

We all have challenges that we need to overcome. Every person can learn and grow, but if we don't water ourselves with knowledge then we shrivel and remain in dry soil. Allow yourself to blossom and bloom into a beautiful bouquet.

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