Reach for your dreams!

I have spent years dreaming about writing a book. Months of planning and mini goal ac

hievements. My book "Making Amends A 52-Week Challenge To A Better You" was released today on a very well known platform. Dreams really can come true.

When I decided to write a book I was nervous. My book is very personal and I was worried about sharing such private information; terrified of failure. So I stopped and asked myself, why? Why am I scared? Was I worried about judgement?

As humans we all fail. My goal is to help others; even if only one person benefits from all of this hard work; it will be worth it. Sharing my very personal story is how I can help others to see that they are not alone. I am realistic that not everyone will like my book. Not everyone will see that my past is not who I am today. That is Ok!

When I realized that it would be ok to open up to others, I created a plan. My path to publication included mini goals that would help me to reach the ultimate end goal. I started by taking a course in life coaching. This class helped me to better understand the message that I wanted to get across to others. I wrote down all the key points that I wanted to write about, the outline of my book. I knew that I wanted this book to be interactive and force the readers to participate. I did not want the book to preach to people, instead I wanted it to speak to them like a conversation. I wanted the reader to have to respond.

After I was finished Writing my book, I reached out to those whom I trusted and asked for their opinions and advice. I wanted a second and even a third set of eyes just to be sure that I was on the right track. Once I was certain that my book was exactly as I had imagined it in my mind I began to research publishers.

Mini goals are a great way to reach your ultimate goal. Using mini goals minimises the stress or overwhelming feeling that we can get when our goals seem so far out of reach. Breaking down the steps in to smaller, more obtainable goals can help us to see the progress that we are making. If we took the time to see past all of the objections or excuses that we create for ourselves, we could achieve so much more. Stop putting off your dreams and take the first step towards your success! What is your ultimate goal? How can you breakdown that goal into mini goals? Take 5 minutes out of your day today and truly think about this. What would be the first step you need to take? Need help, click on Discovery Session and let's talk about it! Its free!

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