Recognize False Beliefs

Recognizing a false belief can allow you to change that belief. Changing our thought patterns can allow us to grow.

What is a false belief? The definition states that a false belief is the understanding that other people can believe things which are not true. We believe things that are not correct.

We convince ourselves that we are not good enough or that we will always fail. We begin to believe that we are limited in our abilities. These beliefs create a fear of failure and that fear keeps us from trying again.These false beliefs are damaging to our self esteem and can hold us back from reaching our full potential.

Ask yourself a few questions:

How do you react when you are under pressure?

What is your behavior driven by?

What is your most frequent negative feeling?

Finish these sentences:

My biggest fear is_______________________________________.

I need to learn how to ___________________________________.

I dislike feeling like _____________________________________.

When I feel stressed ____________is the cause and it makes me feel _____________.

I am always trying to _____________________________________.

Now take a moment and review those answers. Try imagine how you would like to be. How can you rewrite the negative thoughts and turn them into positives?

For example:

I am always trying to figure out what I did wrong.


I am always trying to think about things I did well so I can make sure to do them again.

Take a moment and turn your negative answers into positive ones. Write them down.

The goal with this exercise is to become more aware of your false beliefs. Learning to turn your negatives into positives. Believe in yourself and understand that we all have false beliefs and we all fail. Everyone will fail at least once in their lifetime, and that is ok. We learn, build and grow from those moments in our lives.



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