Setting Goals

What is it that you want to achieve? Is it specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and do you have a time limit? Using "SMART" you can focus on creating a road map to success. Having a clear and solid understanding of your goals will help you along your journey to achieving your dreams.

S - What is the specific goal that you want to achieve? Think about the specific outcome you would like to accomplish. Why do you want to attain this goal? What is the motivation behind this goal? Ex: I will get my Associates degree.

M - Make sure that your goal is measurable. This way you will clearly know when you have fully reached your goal. Think of ways to track your progress. Ex: I have made an appointment with the registration department at the community college. I have registered for class. I have passed my first semester ... etc.

A - Is your goal achievable? You shouldn't climb Mount Everest if you have lung issues. You may not be able to drop everything to go live on campus. You may have to research online schools to accommodate your work schedule and responsibilities.

R - Your goals should be realistic. Ask yourself this question, is it important to what you want in life? Is this goal going to make you happy, excited and will it benefit you? You probably can not lose 100lbs in 1 month. That is not healthy and not really realistic. Ex: Going back to school and getting this degree will allow me to do a job I love, while supporting my family. I will achieve my degree within 2 years.

T - Set a time limit. Ex: I will finish my degree within 2 years.

Are your goals something that you truly want or are they what you think you should want? Really think about that last question. If this is not something you desire, you will not have true motivation and chances are you will fail. When you think about your goals you should feel a sense of excitement and happiness. Try to align your goals with your values. Having a goal that you believe in will help you to stay motivated.

If you would like to discuss SMART goals, book a discovery session today. If you're just not ready to talk, that is ok. You can google SMART goals and learn more.



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