The Benefits of Journaling

Journaling your thoughts can allow you to relieve stress, organize your thoughts, and help you to be honest with your self. You can start a prayer journal, thankful or grateful journal. I use my journal as a way to speak to God. I try and release all of my pent up thoughts and worries.

When I journal, I try to write using a positive tone. When I am stressed or overwhelmed I would write, thank you lord for allowing me to be calm and for guiding me towards a resolution to ... whatever situation I need guidance for. My focus is to turn my negative feelings in to positive feelings and to calm my thoughts. Writing can allow you to become more focused and open. Thoughts can start to flow through and become clearer; leading you to new ideas and possible answers to your own questions.

I find that when I journal I am able to clear my mind of all of the private, stressful and confusing feelings that I may be struggling with. Things I do not feel comfortable speaking to others about. My inner most private thoughts. This is a way of releasing my mind and letting go of all of the things that bog me down.

On occasion, I will write like I am writing a letter to a dear friend. I start my writing with Dear God,. You can start in which ever way makes you feel comfortable. You can write about your dreams and goals. Utilizing journaling has helped me to become more focused and organized. I try to write every morning over coffee; which also allows me to incorporate my daily affirmations and helps me to start my day off on a positive note.

Here are a few tips to try. List at least five things that you are thankful for. Write about things you hope to achieve today. Write about the things that are weighing you down. Be thankful for waking up and that you are healthy and happy (even if your not feeling well). Write about solutions and how you will overcome your roadblocks. Write about what ever comes to your mind or what you feel in your heart.

You do not have to write five pages at a time. Even if you only write a few sentences, that's OK. Writing is personal and remember that this is for you and you only. No one else will be reading this.



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