The benefits of kindness

Take a moment right now to think of a time when someone randomly gave you a gift or wrote you a note. How did that make you feel? Did you feel special or loved? Now, think of a time when someone complimented you; did you feel good about yourself?

Being kind doesn't cost anything. When you spread kindness you actually make yourself feel better. Being polite or empathetic are also acts of kindness. Think about the chain reaction that occurs when one person buys coffee in line for the person behind them, then that person pays for the next and so on. Kindness, like a smile, spreads like a virus and one action can improve the mood of hundreds of others.

Even if you are in a terrible mood, you can be kind to others. When you are respectful, caring and kind you elicit positivity and reduce negativity. Try and remember not to take your mood out on others. Be mindful and control your facial expressions; this is an important task. Smile when your passing others because smiling is contagious. Kindness makes you feel good and can reduce stress and anexity. Remember to think of how you would want to be treated, how you want others to understand and speak to you.

Remember to be kind and have a fantastic day!

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