The Benefits of Volunteering Your Time

How many hours do you spend lying around watching t.v? How many times have you thought "I'm bored"? There are so many people and organizations that could use a helping hand.

Over the years there have been numerous studies showing that volunteering can have positive benefits on our health. For instance, shared an article that states that donating our time can actually extend our lifespan.

Helping others can combat stress, depression, and help us feel a sense of purpose and pride. When we perform a selfless act of kindness or volunteer our time we are also enhancing our own social lives and we feel less lonely. Those that we are helping also feel cared for and our actions can truly have an impact on their lives.

Volunteering your time can be as simple as helping a family member, friend, or neighbor. You can donate an hour of your time at a local shelter, foster home, firehouse, or church soup kitchen. Simply picking up trash on your block makes a difference. Volunteering your time doesn't have to be at an organization or stamped on a piece of paper. You can use your imagination and do what feels right to you. Get a group of friends together and think of a local project you can do together. Ex: clean up the local park, paint an elderly neighbor's porch, or plant a local garden.

Think about how you would feel if someone went out of their way to help your grandmother, mother, disabled sister or best friend. One person can make a huge difference. Think about this, when one person reaches out and performs a random act of kindness, it can cause a chain reaction. When others see or experience kindness they tend to act as well. Spread love, happiness, and joy. Start your own chain reaction today. Be a role model for a better future. It's Your Journey, Make it one to remember!



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