Today is the day !

The focus this week has been about allowing yourself to learn and grow through knowledge. I truly believe that we need to learn to let go of our past mistakes. We cannot got back and change what has been done. We can, however give up who we have been and prepare ourselves for who we will be. Yes, we can learn from our past; but no we should not dwell on it. Learn that is it OK to forgive ourselves for our mistakes, the same way that we forgave the friend who hurt us. This week we learned about guilt, remorse, responsibility and fault. The most important lesson that I want to convey is that knowledge allows us to better understand our feelings. Knowledge guides us towards lasting change.

Making Amends is so much more than righting a wrong. Making amends is a deeper more profound sense of righting a wrong and taking action to right a wrong. We can do that through a change in our behavior. With out knowledge and understanding how can you truly change? So while you are on this 52 week journey try to take the time to learn about what you do not truly understand. If you have to wonder or question the meaning of a word, look it up. Reach out and talk to others until you truly feel comfortable and invite them to take this journey with you.

Remember why you decided to change, grow and better yourself. Remind yourself that you are worth taking the time to become a better version of yourself. You are enough and you deserve to be forgiven and to move on.



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