Tone of voice

How many times have you thought to yourself "that isn't what I meant"? Have you ever thought "why doesn't anyone understand me"?

Tone of voice is not just for characters in a book. The way you say things to others can be perceived differently based on the pitch and speed. If you speak loudly it may seem as if you are yelling at someone. Imagine you are venting to someone and you are angry or upset, it may seem as if you are angry at the person you are telling the story to.

When we have a better understanding of effective communication we are able to ensure that others have the correct interpretation of what we are trying to say.

Take a few moments this week to better understand what tone of voice is and how you can be aware of your tone when speaking to others. It may save you from an argument or misunderstanding in the future. Remember to be open minded and have fun with this. Learn, grow and enjoy the journey.



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