Ways To Manage Your Time

Sometimes it can feel like we blinked and our whole day has passed by and we feel like we didn't accomplish anything at all. How do we change that? Incorporating a few small time management techniques can help us feel like we haven't wasted our days away.

First, get organized. Walking into a room or office thats has mountains of papers and books all over or is just plain disorganized can automatically give you a feeling of being overwhelmed. Instantly feeling stressed or overwhelmed can make you rush and can effect your quality of work or effectiveness.

Next, You have to stop procrastinating and just do it! Carve out a block of time and dedicate that time to organizing your home, office or your life in general. Procrastination is not your friend; it is literally your enemy. Procrastination is just putting off the inevitable. So, make that phone call or schedule that appointment. Finish the paper and complete the minuscule tasks that you just keep putting off. Listen, I get it, you don't like to be on the phone. Maybe you just don't feel like dealing with stupidity, but its part of adulting and sometimes adulting is no fun.

Incorporate a digital calendar. I prefer to use a day planner, but I still use the calendar on my cell phone. Make notes and set reminders. Utilizing your calendar as a task list is a fantastic way to keep track of your to do lists. You can set alarms to go off a day before the deadline. I can not stress this enough, PLAN your day. Before you go to bed, sit and make a list of tasks that must be completed the next day. Prioritize that list. Urgent vs. Important. What can wait and what can not. Start with the most urgent tasks and block out time to complete those task - distraction free. Task that are not urgent maybe able to be pushed to the next day. Staying on top of your deadlines or due dates is crucial. I have a calendar on the wall in my kitchen, office, cell phone and my day planner. I know what has to be completed at all times. Remember to schedule or block out time for down time. Having "me" time is important. When you are making your lists remember that work / life balance is important.

You are not perfect and that is OK. You may not always complete every task on your list and that is why we prioritize. Urgent vs. Important. Almost as important as prioritizing is the ability to know what you can and cannot do. Learn to say no. You can not always take on every task for everyone. I know all too well how hard it is to tell someone that you cannot help them. You don't want to disappoint anyone, but if you can not handle anymore on your plate; say no.

Try delegating some of your tasks to others. Ask someone else to run to the grocery store or to run to the post office for you. It is OK to let others (or make others) help. Especially if you are the house warrior and you handle everything on your own. Let others pick up some slack. Try not to multitask; research has shown that we drop 40% in productivity when we do. When we try to do too many things at one time our comprehension levels drop. When we do not comprehend, we are putting ourselves in a position where we are not the most effective. Slow down and do what you can, rather then trying to run through errands and tasks. You could miss something that may be important.

Take a breathe and slow down. Utilize prioritization to help you reduce your daily tasks and remember to block out time for yourself and your family. You are important. Organize your life as well as your home and office. The most important time management tip I can give you is to remind you that while it is important to complete your to do list, it is more important to remember that tasks will still be there tomorrow. Love yourself enough to make yourself the number one priority on that list.

Have a blessed and fantastic day today!



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