What are the Comfort Zones?

Updated: Jul 17

Although I have recently posted about comfort zones, I wanted to share a more in-depth description about the levels and what they entail. It is my belief that a true understanding can help lead to permanent change. I have included a picture to better explain what each level is and how they affect us.

As you can see, inside our Comfort zone we feel safe and comfortable as if we have control over our lives. How in control are we if we are not satisfied or fulfilled?

Next you have the Fear Zone. We know that we are not satisfied with where we are at in life but we hesitate to move forward. We find excuses for why we are not making progress. We let others opinions hold us back and we are not very confident.

Enter the Learning zone. Now we are making some progress. We start to deal with the challenges that are standing in our way. At this point we are learning how to turn problems into solutions and we learn new skills. As we do this our comfort zone begins to grow.

Welcome to the Growth zone! We now find purpose in life. We begin to live our dreams and goals become reality. We have grown as individuals and conquered the roadblocks. We have broken down the walls of false belief and fear of failure. At this point we are ready to discover new dreams and create new goals.

Understanding comfort zones can help us to identify where we are at in life. Are you stuck in your comfort zone? Ask yourself this question "Are you happy?". OK, Stop making excuses! Learn, grow and get out of the comfort zone. Contact me now and start you journey today!



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