What does it mean to value yourself?

When you think about valuing yourself, what do you think of? Do you truly know what that means? I didn't. I didn't understand what it meant to value yourself. So here is my impression.

To value yourself means you recognize your own self worth. How do you do that? First, I am going to ask you to appreciate yourself and all of your unique abilities. What are the things that you love about yourself? Are you a good listener? Are you crafty? Do you have a beautiful voice? Are you passionate about reading? What are things that secretly make you happy?

Next, stop comparing yourself to others. Please! This is important; hear what I am about to say. I want you to realize that just because you are not great at math or sewing and someone else is, it doesn't devalue you in anyway. I promise you, that person has a weakness as well. Comparing yourself to another person is not a fair comparison. Each and everyone of us are unique and we hold unique abilities. Every singer doesn't sound the same. Every teacher has a different teaching style. We are all beautiful and talented in our own special way.

There are so many ways to value yourself. Most of all I want you to not worry about being accepted by others. If someone is not willing to accept you for who you are; then they are not worthy of being around you. Any one who is not present in your life to lift you up and encourage you to pursue your dreams is not really there for the right reasons and it is time for you to keep moving. There are so many wonderful people in this amazing, blessed world that will be that support you need. Allow yourself to let go of the unhealthy relationships in your life in order to make room and allow for the healthy ones. If you hold yourself down, you will not open yourself up to new and healthy connections. This could be friendships, mentors, or love interests. Do not waste your time on trying to make someone accept you or want you. Stand strong and love yourself enough to carry yourself with pride. You are enough and if someone can not appreciate you for you, then you do not need that kind of negativity in your life.

Focus your life on helping others and being a blessing. You have one life and you should be the only one with the power to steer that life in any direction your heart desires. Pursue dreams that fuel your passion and speak to you. It's your journey and you should be the captain, the navigator and the only one in charge.



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