What Is Compassion & Empathy?

Compassion seems to be something that this world is lacking. What is compassion, really? What is empathy? Compassion is ones ability to sympathize and see others pain; it is concern for others misfortune. Compassion is what allows us to go out of our way to help others. Empathy is the ability to recognize and understand others feelings.

Why have we lost our ability to have compassion for others? Why do we have 'selective' empathy? Selective empathy is when we pick and choose who we empathize with based on our feelings towards others.

If we could show compassion or empathy to others it could change so much wrong in this world. I am not saying that we must love everyone or even like everyone. I am not saying that we must ignore wrong doing or accept every action taken. What I am saying is that if we could take a breath and think before we speak, we may be able to lessen the hate in this world. Have compassion for others when they lose a loved one; rather than saying "maybe they should have or shouldn't have done....." If we could have compassion rather than being judgmental it would make a huge impact on this world.

We do not have to agree with everyone. We do not have to like everyone. What we should do is remember that we all have the right to our own opinions. We all have the right to believe in what we choose. We all have the right to share our opinions, but we should not disrespect those who do not share out thoughts and beliefs. We should have enough respect for one another to have a civil conversation or debate with out belittling one another.

Having compassion doesn't mean that we can not have an opinion, it means that we can think before we speak. If we do not have anything nice to say maybe we shouldn't say anything at all. If we could extend a helping hand and relieve a little of someones suffering, we would be able to help someone and lift a little of their burden. Showing compassion for another human being is a part of being a decent human being.

Encouraging someone and being their support person is a good example of compassion that some may not beware of. Helping someone lead a fulfilling life. Take a few moments today to evaluate yourself. Are you compassionate towards someone who may rub you the wrong way? Are you kind towards those who may not deserve it, in your opinion? Are you able to walk away or not react when you are tested?

People who are kind and compassionate are happier and more satisfied with their lives. Compassionate people are healthier as their stress levels are lower. Kindness allows us to build stronger relationships because we are able to better communicate. Be kind always and try to be compassionate and work on being able to empathize and love one another.



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