Himalayan Salt Animal Wellness Lick -6.5 – 8 LBS

Himalayan Salt Animal Wellness Lick -6.5 – 8 LBS

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All Of The Same Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt, Now For Your Pet or Farm Animals! Your pets will crave the mineral-rich Himalayan salt from Salt Gems Direct. 


We take just as much care for the quality and cleanliness for our animal salt as we do for our people salt!


Net Weight of This Salt on a Rope is 7.5 LB Each. Actual size may vary between 6.5 LB & 8 LB

Himalayan salt for horses, goats, sheep and other farm animals delivers a long list of naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes to your animal's diet in a safe all natural rock salt block

Himalayan salt is now used at tens of thousands of horse stables and farms across the United Sates. Himalayan salt has become very popular for those care about the holistic health and wellbeing of their horses and other stable and farm animals

100% Natural Himalayan Pure Pink Salt for Animals



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